Ari- The Beloved Cat

I have always been a lover of dogs. This summer we acquired a cat. I am now a lover of Ari🐱

Ari popped into our lives this past August. My son, Jared, my husband, Joel and Fairy Godchild, Taylor and I piled in the car, provisioned with water and snacks, to make the arduous journey to Raleigh’s animal shelter.

Where we were led into a room lined with kittens in cages. Kittens curled up sleeping, kittens peering out, kittens stretching up on hind legs, kittens tumbling with a friend, kittens bored and noiseless, kittens mewing to be let out.

Which we did. A whole series of kittens to be auditioned for the lead role- Beloved Cat.

When Jared picked out Ari he said that he felt Ari calling out to him. Jared made a good choice. Ari has ended up calling out to all of us and the host of people who come through our doors.