Process . Process . Process - The Beginning

The Harmonic Vibration paintings start as a small sketch in my sketchbook. Drawing begins by brewing a cup of tea (essential) and finding peaceful music to play as I work. I draw a dynamic symmetry grid in my sketchbook and let my hand wander over it adding and subtracting shapes until a pattern clicks into place. After drafting the same sketchbook grid onto my canvas I transfer the pattern using willow charcoal. 

Willow charcoal is perfect for that initial drawing because it erases so easily. After I have looked and thought and tweaked the drawing, I go over the willow charcoal with a charcoal pencil. This is great because while the willow charcoal erases the pencil line does not and I am left with a fine line that does not clog the paint on my brush when I start adding color. 

A Dynamic Symmetry Grid