Teeny Tiny Wins


This fall I hiked up a mountain, Sandy Mushy Bald in the Appalachians, to stay three nights at a cabin on top. It was heated by a wood stove and lit by lanterns. The trick was careful planning as I carried a frame backpack filled with sleeping bag, food and clothes, all that I needed for three days.

It was a long hike up. I texted the hosts of the cabin before I started. It was great, I hiked up one incline and leaned on my poles to rest before starting up the next. I had plenty of time to look around and the steady progress made me happy and gave me a sense of accomplishment. As I neared the top, I heard a motor start up. What do you know, I was about to be rescued. The hosts were concerned. But I had already arrived.

As I hike up this new mountain, starting an online art gallery business, I have a frame back pack to support all I have to carry- Art Store Fronts who designed the tool for my website and schools me in marketing. I am hiking up each incline slowly but with the same sense of happy accomplishment. No small wins yet, but lots of Teeny Tiny wins and I want to celebrate these every day:)